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post-review is part of the RBTools package, and can be installed and upgraded by running: Depending on the repository type, post-review will either require a changeset number, or it will rely on the changes in the current source tree.

The end result is that post-review will build a diff and post it to a Review Board server.

To post a review request for a specific change, or to update an existing review request for that change, type: is the changeset number in Perforce.

The diff will be generated and uploaded to Review Board, and the review request information will be updated based on the changeset description.

The ideal setup is to configure a repository to point to a Review Board server, so that users can use post-review out of the box, but there are other methods available.

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It sounds like a simple task, but there are a few tricky things that you need to watch out for.

(31 seconds ago by Steve Losh) tip $ hg slog --rev tip:0 --follow 6 Fix a critical bug.

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